Personalized car seat covers in vintage textures in Turin

Through invisible elastics or Velcro fixed covers

The personalized car seat covers in vintage textures by Asiam are specially personalized for the customers’ cars, that’s why they fit perfectly, clinging perfectly to the seats of each brand of car. To each kind of car corresponds actually a specific seat model. The covers are fixed through invisible elastics or Velcro.
The car seat covers by Asiam are of high quality, they don’t have to be confused with the universal ones, that suit to all the seats, but, being a little bit larger or smaller than the other ones, they often lose adherence, giving an uncomfortable and discomfort effect and a bad aesthetic effect to the car interiors.
The personalized car seat covers in vintage textures by Asiam are carefully crafted, but using the newest and most advanced technologies on the market, for a quick and efficient production. The covers are useful for the people who want to renew the interior of their cars, without spending a big amount ofmoney, or for people who want to protect the beauty of their car seats. They can be sometimes functional during the winter or the summer season to make the car seat hotter or coldest.
The vintage texture covers are perfect to give a touch of elegance and exclusivity to every car, from the city car to the most luxurious one, they are very comfortable because they are machine washable at 30 degrees, without losing their quality and aesthetic.
We have seat cover models for cars that have been produced since the years when the company Asiam has begun to produce them.
Our covers are at your disposal patterned and in various colors,that you can see in the section catalog. The company Asiam is unique in its field andtries to be steadily updated with all the new car models. To identify the model that is suitable for you, you should first consult the list of the available cars. We are sure that our products will be equal to your cars and expectations!
Contact us for further information or for an estimate, indicating the type of car.